Why Attend?

  • Early bird registration closes March 15,2013.

    For Investors / Private Equity Managers

    •  Discover investment opportunities
    •  Meet high potential growth startups
    •  Lead economic growth and create more jobs
    •  Network and establish relationships
    •  Have a glimpse at the future of EdTech

    For Small and Medium Businesses

    •  Meet buyers
    •  Impress investors & interact with industry leaders
    •  Partner and grow your prospects
    •  Learn and share best practices
    •  Network and Participate

    For Entrepreneurs

    •  Inspire and get inspired
    •  Share, discuss and refine your ideas
    •  Network, connect and invest in relations
    •  Meet VC’s, Investors and government officials
    •  Partner and innovate with SMEs, researchers and entrepreneurs

    For Universities, Scholars & Schools

    •  Network and meet with SMEs and commercialization partners
    •  Share experiences, information and tips with peers
    •  Present, interact and support innovative ideas
    •  Tap into grants, funding and investment opportunities
    •  Share best practices and learn about the latest e-learning tools

    For Business and Enterprises

    •  Grow and partner with specialized SMEs
    •  Stay tuned with the major issues and new trends in e-learning
    •  Learn and share best practices
    •  Explore the key components of successful strategies
    •  Anticipate and avoid future problems